About Us

Art is often overlooked as just an extra curricular subject at schools or as a hobby a child can pursue in their free time. Societal stereotypes and lack of awareness about diverse artistic professions discourages children from pursuing art as a viable career path. And the real potential of art in a child’s holistic development is underrated. Children need to be exposed to quality art education if they have to make a choice to take it up as a career or not, they need to be given enough opportunities to practice. Many schools lack dedicated art teachers, resources, and curriculum, resulting in inadequate exposure and limited exploration of diverse art forms. We at Kalakriti Art School, a program under Artent Education Foundation, are on a mission to bring accessibility and exposure to varied art forms (ranging from visual arts, performing arts to literary arts and media arts) to every child in every school. This would enable the child to make an informed choice to choose his/her/their own career pathway after receiving a holistic education. We aim to give them the tools to unlock their full potential, not just with textbooks, but with paintbrushes and passion.

Our program promises every student:

a) Access to learning different artforms.

b) Exposure to meeting artists, visiting art galleries, studios, exhibitions, etc.

Kalakriti Art School is committed to making sure that every child has the access and exposure to a holistic arts education program.